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Brown Georgette Hijab

In addition to being stylish and modest, georgette hijabs have many other benefits. They can help to protect your hair from the sun, wind, and dust.This Maxi Hijabs is the perfect option when looking for wider hijabs due to its maxi size, providing full coverage and it drapes beautifully.

Hijab Type: Maxi
Color: Brown
A chic cocoa brown Georgette hijab will still look glamorous by dressing down in a white shirt and modest brown pants. Mixing accessories like dark glasses and gold bracelets will add charm to the whole look. The fabric is soft and light textured. The hijab is luxurious looking and is rich in color. It is long enough to give coverage to style it in any desired fashion. The hijab style of  Egyptian-Malian descendant Khadija Diwara, a model who has made it big in New York fashion week is very interesting. Size & Fit: Choose from 2 sizes depending on how much coverage you want or the style you wear.Our Model is wearing a Large/Maxi size (100x180cm) Hijab. Regular/Medium = 70CM x 180CM (27.5in x 70.8in) Maxi/Large = 100CM x 180CM (40in x 70.8in) Look After Me: Hand & Machine Washable, Easy to Iron. Please check instructions on the Care Label