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Gray Polyester Tie-Waist, Zipper, Buttons, Layered, A-Line, Flared, Long, Over-Sized Maxi Dress

69.7 USD 199 USD

Dress up in this dignified outfit and start a new day. You'll feel confident, look bang-up, and have an excellent time with family or friends. This tie-waist is an easy way to spice up your look, and it's especially good when you want to wear something casual. We think a great outfit for you would be this A-line outfit with some high heels. A flared outfit is an iconic piece of clothing in the history of fashion. It's a great way to look cute and stand out from the crowd. This maxi style outfit is a great way to look stylish and elegant. Accessorize the collar neckline of this outfit with a long chain and pendant.

Regional Turkish
Season Autumn
Special Maternity
Look Feminine
Dress Style Over Sized, Long, Flared, A-Line, Layered, Buttons, Zipper, Tie Waist
Neck Style Collar
Sleeve Style Long Sleeves
Fabric Polyester
Color Grey
Grey loose cut dress with a chiffon throw over. Not lined. Breast-feeding friendly. Polyester fabric. Normal machine wash at 30 degrees, iron inside out.