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Burkini Swimsuit

Hijabis felt left out when taking a dip in the water as swimwear which mostly consists of bikinis. Not anymore. Burkinis Swimsuit are the go-to swimwear for the hijabis. Take a splash in the pool or go surfing on the beach with a full-length burkini. Go for sailing, surfing, paddling sports with confidence. Burkini Swimsuit is a full-length swimwear giving you head till ankle coverage. Burkini Swimsuit is available in many colors and designs from modest activewear brands like Islamic Shop, Arabic Attire & more. Enjoy the pool-time with your kids in non-clingy, quick-drying and nylon fabric swimwear. Explore the coral reefs in your modest swimwear that does not tend to ride up when you move. So go on an aquatic adventure wearing a burkini swimsuit. Check out our full activewear collection.

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