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Women's Trousers, Maxi Skirt & Palazzo

Let your legs do the talking with our selection of trousers and maxi-skirts in varied styles, colors, and fits. From a casual day-outing to a day at work, find your perfect bottom wear to pair with your tunics, tops or shirt-dresses. Go retro with our range of semi-flared or full-flared trousers. Or flaunt your feminine style with maxi-skirts in floral, geometric or Aztec prints. Invest in modern-classic styles like button-down, pleated, plaid, denim and lace details maxi-skirt. Tapered trousers are a perfect option to pair under midi-dress and shirt dress. Choose a pair of trousers in polyester, viscose, or cotton for their versatility and style. Read More →

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