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Beige Cotton Hijab Cap

7.98 USD

The hijab caps are usually made from a stretchy material, and they help to keep the hijab in place.

Fabric Cotton
Color Beige
Modefa Ninja Underscarf Light Beige The Modefa ninja underscarf is here! Providing complete coverage of your head, neck and ears, the ninja allows you to confidently wear any hijab your heart desires, even see through ones! Featuring a simple and hassle-free one piece design, as well as a double layered front panel to ensure opaqueness, this underscarf is an essential, must have addition to your scarf collection! Made from a high quality cotton-viscose blend, with a nice and cool jersey feel to it, the sleek fit of the ninja is extremely comfortable and durable, so stock up now! Size: One size fits most Made in Turkey

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