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4 Interactive Ways to Teach Kids about Islam

Technology has become a part of our everyday lives. The new-era kids are tech-savvy from an early age. Online education is becoming more common, especially during this pandemic. As online learning is an interactive and innovative way to access knowledge, we can use it to teach kids about Islam – the beautiful religion that teaches peace!

Children of this generation love interactive learning with stimulating visuals; they will have fun while also receiving valuable information which leads them in the right direction when choosing their values as adults later on in life (a habit). This tradition starts at an early age so if you want your child or yourself to be knowledgeable Muslims by default then there’s no better time than now. 

My Salah Mat

My salah mat is an amazingly innovative way to learn the fundamentals of Islamic prayer. The design features a nifty set-up that teaches kids about every step of their prayers, including washing themselves before praying (wudu), finding Mecca on a map for better directionality and accuracy in prayerful worship (qibla), and reciting special verses from Allah’s holy book during each stage of one’s ritualized movements while prostrating (‘takbeer’) or standing up straight again (‘surahs’). My favorite feature: it has buttons with markings so my little girl can hit them at the right time!

My salah mat is an amazing product designed specifically for children learning how to pray. It helps teach everything they need to learn about the process of salah. It’s a fun and interactive way to learn. Kids are loving it all around the world. It’s also available in many languages. 

Apps To Learn short Duas

Dhikr of Allah (SWT) is one of the best forms of ibadah. Reciting dua before every mundane work and making it a habit to read, memorize, and recite short duas where necessary are also ways in which Muslims practice dhikr. Here I have linked some apps that help kids make these things fun without boring them with rote repetition so they can do what’s right for their age group while practicing Islam as well! There are many different types like “Before Eating,” “After Leaving Home” or even just simple phrases such as ‘Bismillahi-ir-Rahmani ir Rahim’ (“In the name of God – The Most Gracious –The Ever Merciful”) before. starting anything.

Lil Muslim App

The Lil Muslim app has an interactive puzzle game with video illustrations of when to say the dua. It’s a great way to memorize dua with engaging activities. 

Islamic Content

There are so many channels on the internet for children to watch cartoons. YouTube and TV are two of these popular platforms where kids can learn about new things, interact with others through video-games or chat rooms, have lots of fun playing games online and much more! They also provide a window into our world (or what we want them to see) but it is up us parents as adults which ones they get exposed too – not all content shown in those websites should be considered appropriate for young minds. There’s Islamic Cartoon videos that teach values such as respect towards elders, gender equality etc., by promoting positive behaviors like kindness and honesty among other moral lessons from Quran/Islam teachings without being preachy because these tenets resonate deeply within every Muslim child

Islamic values and manners to kids. I have two popular and best Islamic cartoon links .

Omar and Hana is a youtube channel with 622k subscribers and in three different languages. They even offer an app for fun games, interactive videos, and stories. The content is amazing and your kids will never get bored of it. 

One4kids is a subscription-based service with $3.99 USD a month and $39.99 USD a year pricing. They offer Islamic cartoons, memorize surahs and dua sections, and also interactive games

My Quran Picture Book

The world is changing, as are the needs of people. Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives and now it’s even being used to teach children about Islam in a fun way! The creation of this book illustrates how some individuals have found a novel approach to teaching Islamic values with modern technology for kids. It translates the simple meanings of Quranic verses into engaging illustrations. So, the kids not just memorize the surah but know the meaning of it. 

They also offer free printables from surah Nas to surah Feel

Bonus tip

For Muslim kid’s content, book reviews, free printables, and more, you can check out the Muslim Kids Guide blog. 

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