5 Modest Work Outfits For Your Next Meeting

Nadia Ahmed February 2, 2022

When you’re looking for modest work outfits, keep in mind that dressing professionally and looking your best can be achieved while still respecting your modesty. If you’re a business owner or CEO, you want to make an impact with clients when they meet you the first time. But if you walk into a client meeting wearing something too flashy or revealing, you might do more harm than good.

We have some versatile pieces that will look amazing in front of your next client! Here are five modest work outfits for women to wear when you have an upcoming client meeting. Modesty is key with these pieces so you can still maintain a business-like look while still dressing modestly.

The impactful suit set

Your look for this meeting is a two-piece suit in navy or grey with a tucked casual shirt. This outfit speaks directly to the business, but the choice of color isn’t too formal that it can’t be worn during the day.

To complete this outfit, slip on a pair of nice leather shoes and bring out the power with a watch or cuff links. You can also finish off your look by untucking your shirt if that’s more your style. Just remember to keep your accessories simple.

Silk Shirt with trousers

Another go-to for business meetings is the classic silk shirt with matching trousers. The options are endless with this outfit, which can make it very versatile for your next meeting.

If you’re going to wear a silk shirt, make sure it fits correctly. It’s always a good idea to opt for a conservative neckline and sleeve length with any silk clothing item. If the neckline is too low or it has an excessive amount of cleavage, you can wear a blazer over the silk shirt to avoid any problems. To keep your look professional, pair the silky top with formal trousers and heels.

The classy skirt & blazer combo

This outfit is a little more classic, perfect to wear when you want to show your boss that you’re a self-starter. A simple pencil skirt in grey or black paired with a nice blazer in the same color is, in our opinion, business done right.

The trick to making this look work comes down to the blouse worn underneath. For a little extra style, add a chunky necklace and your trusty blazer to keep you looking stylish. A pair of black heels with toe detail is also ideal for this look if you want to bring in even more color and personality without going overboard.

A smart shirt dress

This outfit is professional enough to wear when important clients come by. A shirt dress with a blazer is formal enough to impress but still casual enough that it doesn’t look too uptight.

In order to finish off this outfit, add some nude pumps and slip into your blazer before you head out the door. You can also choose to replace your pumps with a simple black flat if you want to keep things casual.

A classy jumpsuit

There’s a time and place for everything, and this look works perfectly for a client meeting. The key to turning heads in this outfit is simplicity. You want your outfit to be elegant without being too flashy or distracting, which is where the jumpsuit comes into play.

The real trick to making this look work is finding a version of the jumpsuit that has a higher neckline. As for accessories, the sky’s the limit—bracelets, rings, watches all work well with this look. Just remember to keep your makeup and hair simple so nothing detracts from the fact that you’re there to get shit done.

These are only five of many work outfits that will help you stand out from the crowd. It’s important to remember that when it comes to your clothes, less is more—you want people to notice you for what you accomplish in the workplace.