Five Staple Pieces Every Hijabi Should Have In Her Wardrobe

Nadia Ahmed August 4, 2021

Don’t even try to deny it. We’ve all been there: you’re staring into your closet, trying to piece together an outfit for whatever occasion it may be – and then realize that you have nothing to wear. It happens to the best of us. And I’m not talking about having anything in your wardrobe that is ‘party appropriate’ or ‘in style’, but rather something as simple as a staple piece every woman should own.

Since many women haven’t discovered what their staple pieces are, I decided to give them a little nudge in the right direction by sharing with them which items they probably should invest in, and why. This is not by any means an exhaustive list of all the staple pieces every hijabi should have; rather, it’s a definitive guide to getting started building your own essential wardrobe…

If you haven’t figured out what essential pieces are yet, or simply need a bit of reassurance that you’re on track with yours, take a moment to read through the following list and consider how adding each one into your closet will automatically give more versatility to your wardrobe:

The classic White Long Tee

The classic white long tee is a summer staple and should be worn with everything from jeans to a full skirt. Wearing it under an open jacket or shirt in the winter months is also a nice feature. The basic tee can go both ways – casual by layering over your favorite pair of jeans, or dressy when paired with maxi skirts. If you plan on wearing skirts and dresses often, this piece will definitely come in handy – but if you prefer pants more than anything else, then just stick to adding the top to your wardrobe rotation during the warmer seasons and spring/summer months!

If You Want A Little More Excitement In Your Wardrobe:

Add some pops of color to your classic white long tee. Top it with a black leather jacket and put on your favorite pair of jeans, or simply wear it over a skirt.

A Long Kimono Or A Long Jacket

The Long Kimono, or Long Jacket for a more modest look, is not only versatile but also the perfect staple piece every woman should have in her wardrobe. There are many ways to work this item into your looks: use it as an additional layer over a simple dress to bring some texture and dimension into your outfit; wear it out on its own with jeans or pants; pair it with a strong necklace and you’ve got yourself the perfect evening-out ensemble!

For The Vibrant Personality (Who Also Adores Modesty):  

Add color to your long kimono by pairing it with bright orange pants and complementing the entire look with gold accessories. Great for that fun night out!

Wide-Leg Pants

Wide-leg pants are a staple piece every woman should have in her wardrobe. You can dress it up for evening looks by pairing it with an interesting top, or go casual by wearing the fabric with your favorite tee and basic jacket or cardigan. If you’re looking to add some color to your wardrobe, this is definitely a great option as well! Wear it with bright neon colors – but take caution when doing so, since too much of a good thing will easily make you look chaotic and messy rather than fun or vibrant.

Since It’s A Must In Every Woman’s Wardrobe: 

Pants that fit you right are essential wherever you go – whether work, school, or the marketplace. Women who have issues in their lower body will benefit from the effect wide-leg pants have on their physique. They are flattering and make your legs look longer and slimmer as well as hiding your calves and ankles for those that prefer not to showcase them.

Oversized Sweater Dress

Oversized sweaters are the perfect staple piece every woman should have in her wardrobe – that is, if you love wearing dresses! This type of dress will give you a lot more versatility than you might think. You can wear it to work with a pair of boots or heels, but also with sandals during summer days. Oversized sweaters are also the perfect option for those who don’t feel comfortable wearing skirts and dresses; they basically act as an alternative! Pair them with leggings and be ready to shine at casual events.

If You Want A Little More Excitement In Your Wardrobe:

Add color to your dress by simply pairing it with a bright colored hijab and belt. If you want an outfit that will make heads turn, add some glamor and shine by accessorizing your look with silver jewelry!

A Modest Maxi Dress

For Any Occasion: Maxi dresses are the perfect staple pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe – especially if you’re short on time! They are very simple to wear and flattering on most figures. Simply pair them with a nice pair of heels or wedges and your favorite accessories, and you’ll be ready for any occasion, from casual meetings at work to fancy get-togethers after work hours.

When To Wear It :   You can wear maxi dresses during summer and spring, but they’re also a great option for fall and winter. If you live in a place with barely any snow or rain, this is the perfect dress to keep your warm during colder days!

And For That Fun Night Out:   Maxi dresses are perfect for that fun night out because they’re usually really long and flowy – making them effortless to move around in! Personally I just love how easy it is to wear this type of dress; when your outfit is not complicated at all, it opens up room for accessories and nail polish.

If You Want A Little More Excitement In Your Wardrobe:   Add color to your maxi dress by pairing it with a bright colored hijab and belt.

Women, what are your five staple pieces? Comment below with the first piece of clothing you would grab if you were going to a formal event. What about for an outdoor adventure or just walking around town on a lazy day? Leave us some feedback and follow us on Instagram.