From Function To Fashion – These Modern Abaya Trends Serves It All.

Nadia Ahmed January 11, 2021

​​The abaya is a traditional garment that has been worn for centuries by Muslim women. This utility item originally dates back to 4000 years ago, but with changing times and style trends, it too evolved into something more than what was originally intended- an elegant way to protect yourself from chilly winds or harsh UV rays while also saving you time in getting dressed every day due to its ability serve multiple purposes at once like hiding your body parts inadequately covered by clothes if needed; offering modesty within society’s gaze without being too restrictive about how we want ourselves perceived on both personal levels (traditional) as well cultural ones(today).

From the traditional embroidered to embellished styles, pleated to ruffled, there is a style for every occasion. Check out what’s in store this year and beyond with our latest range of abayas!

Velvet abaya

The velvet abaya is an all-time favorite for those looking to maintain their style and elegance. This trend has been popping up in society lately, with many popular modest influencers sporting it on Instagram stories! If you want the best of both worlds -classy but not too flashy- this will be a perfect option as well.


The open-front trend is one that has been catching on with many young girls and mothers alike. You can wear this abaya in a fun way by wearing it like a robe cover-up over any outfit, such as slip dresses or tunics; they also look good paired up to jeans for all sorts of different dressing options!

Pleats and Ruffles abaya

Pleats and Ruffles have been a popular addition to abayas for those who want extra flair. You can rock this style during the day as well as at night, depending on how you plan on wearing it! A full pleated outfit looks absolutely stunning while also giving your look some vintage-inspired flare with its ruffled design which will pair nicely against lighter-hued clothing or dresses in darker colors like black, deep reds.

Sporty Abaya

Abaya is a word that never would have crossed your mind to associate with the idea of sporty. But, these abayas are available in color block patterns and come complete with hoods or zippers for extra convenience! They make perfect attire at any kind of sporting event you may find yourself attending this season- whether casual or formal alike.

Try out these abaya trends and let us know which is your favorite go-to style in the comments. We have given you an overview of some popular choices, but what really makes them pop? The best way to find that answer for yourself would be by trying different styles on!