How To Wear Head Accessories With Hijab?

Nadia Ahmed February 14, 2022

Most hijabis feel that they are missing out on wearing jewelry, especially earrings and choker necklaces. But this problem can be replaced with head accessories. These head accessories can be worn comfortably and neatly with hijab. They will also give a stylish look to hijab wearers.

Here we have some styles to wear head accessories with hijab according to the occasion:

For casual Day-out

There are many options available in head accessorize to style with your hijab. For a casual day-out, you can wear the hairband over the hijab. This can give you a cute feminine look. The latest trend in the modest fashion world is styling your hijab with a hairpin. Apart from these styles, there are chain-style headbands, floral headbands, and many more. With just a little creativity, you can stand out in your hijab.

For a beachy look

Beach is a place for sand, sun, and fun. And the best way to match your beach outfit with a hijab is by wearing a sun hat and a bandana.

For a party look

you can choose head accessories for a party look from traditional style to modern style. In traditional style, you can wear a maang tika or matha Patti pinned on your hijab. In a modern look, you can add a glamorous touch to your hijab with pearl or gold headbands.

Apart from the head accessories, you can also choose to add a bling to your hijab with rhinestone hijab pins or brooches. In any style, don’t forget to match your accessories with your outfit and makeup.