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Maroon Tie-Waist, Pockets, Pleated, A-Line Pleated Abaya

32.99 USD 65.98 USD

This summer nothing is going to hold you back from looking beautiful and new. Are you looking for something fresh and exciting? Try this ensemble! This tie-waist outfit will work for all occasions. It's really cunning, and it will make you feel confident when you wear it! For a dress to be complete it should have a pocket! We love pockets on this outfit because they make this outfit look even more stylish. This Pleated style is added with the intention of creating a better fit and giving you a modest look more comfortably and stylishly. We love this outfit. It's simple and cute, but it still makes you feel like a million bucks! The best fabrics for a cuffed shirt sleeve are jersey/knit fabrics.

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