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Multi-Color Cotton Cuff-Sleeves Maxi Dress

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Say hello to summer with this amazing outfit. Wearing this outfit will make you feel confident and ready to take on anything! A-line outfits are a fashion trend that is growing in popularity. Besides being stylish, it also provides comfort and ease of movement when you're running around town. This flared dress outfit shape is sure to be a hit with its movement and effortless cool. You can grace this maxi style outfit with multi-color, in different styles. This collar outfit is a bang-up piece to have in your wardrobe. It's simple and sweet, but also versatile. You can wear it with almost anything! This perfect outfit with cuff sleeves is ideal for a day out and makes you look great.

Fabric : Cotton
Season : Summer
Look : Feminine
Dress Style : Long, Flared, A-Line, Buttons
Neck Style : Collar
Sleeve Style : Cuff Sleeves
Color : Multi-color
DESCRIPTION cambric nightwear with solid frill at the yoke and lace at the shoulders and the sleeves with some buttons. FABRIC GUIDE 100% COTTON MANUFACTURED Made in India