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Blue Chiffon Tie-Waist, Zipper, Pockets, Buttons, A-Line Maxi Dress

69.9 USD 199 USD

Feel the most comfortable in this summer Maxi Dress and strappy sandals. The bohemian craze first started around the 1950s/19060s by hippie travelers wearing visibly eclectic clothing, taking influence from every land they set their foot in. Whether you're going out on the town with your friends or staying home for a movie night, this is an outfit that's perfect for all occasions. This tie-waist outfit combines both comfort and style. This outfit contains a pocket as it is essential for every day to carry important things. Grace this Maxi Dress featuring A-line style look elegantly stylish. A cute outfit could have a simple design but with an interesting cuff sleeve. This is perfect for everyday wear, especially if you're going to work or school.