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Green Chiffon Hijab

18.95 USD

Chiffon hijabs are a popular choice for many Muslim women due to their lightweight and breathable nature. Made from sheer fabric, chiffon hijabs can be styled in a variety of ways and provide a versatile option for those looking to experiment with different looks.A maxi hijab is a long piece of cloth that covers the hair, neck ,shoulders, and chest.

Hijab Type : Maxi
Color : Green
Adding a new-age flare to our most loved classic, Textured Chiffon brings an unexpected edge to a feminine silhouette. The textured feel adds depth to your style while facilitating a stronger grip. Ultra lightweight and elegant, this artful piece fulfills any lofty-daydream while avoiding bulking of fabric. Pair it with our Cotton Under Scarf for a tiered-twist, so you can look (and feel) your best. Textile: Polyester Chiffon Dimension: 72" x 27" Contour: Long Rectangle Thickness: Light Texture: Soft/Textured

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