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Multi-Color Chiffon Hijab

16.99 USD

Chiffon hijabs can also be styled in a variety of ways, making them a versatile and fashionable choice.Add a zing to your look with a crinkled hijab in multi-color color.

Hijab Type : Crinkled, Basic
Color : Multi-color
Our alluring chiffon scarfs for women have a delicate texture that's extraordinarily comfortable The matt finish of this chiffon scarf makes it easier to style into a head wrap Ideal as head scarfs for women or a fitting complement to a formal ensemble These high quality head wraps for women are available in a variety of colors Dimensions 70" x 30" Product Color and Design Disclaimer: We take picture of the actual product so you can see the true design and color. However the true color may vary slightly based on your screen resolution thus can't guarantee what you see on your screen is 100% the true color of the product.

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