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Black Embellished Instant Hijab

Instant hijabs also tend to be more affordable than traditional hijabs. They are also available in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find one that suits your taste.Make every moment count in this embellished outfit. This short wrap hijab with embellished will give an ultimate modest casual look.

Pattern: Embellished
Hijab Type: Short Wrap
Color: Black
Practical Scarf and Bonnet / Two-Piece Amirah Hijab: Raindrop BlackThe Firdevs Practical Scarf is a patented design in Turkey.Instant hijab scarf comes with matching bonnet of the same fabric.Made of soft and comfortable lycra.Elastic under the chin makes for a sure fit.Included is a removal PVC band which can be used to give structured look to scarf, if desired (not pictured).Quality materials and design; long term use without becoming deformed.Material: Lycra (Viscose / Polyester)One Size fits most.Made in Turkey.

Black Short Wrap Instant Hijab

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