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Black Instant Hijab

The blink_of_an_eye hijab is a type of headscarf that can be put on and taken off quickly and easily. It is a popular choice for Muslim women who want to cover their hair in accordance with their religious beliefs, but who also want the convenience of being able to take the hijab off easily when they need to.A flowy instant hijab in polka dot is a trendy way to pull off look. Just pull this instant hijab over your head and you're ready to go. Printed hijabs are a great way to show your fashion sense, especially during the summertime.

Print: Polka Dot
Hijab Type: Printed, Instant
Color: Black
Practical Scarf and Bonnet / Two-Piece Amirah Hijab: Small Polka Dot BrownThe Firdevs Practical Scarf is a patented design in Turkey.Instant hijab scarf comes with matching bonnet of the same fabric.Made of soft and comfortable lycra.Elastic under the chin makes for a sure fit.Included is a removal PVC band which can be used to give structured look to scarf, if desired (not pictured).Quality materials and design; long term use without becoming deformed.Material: Lycra (Viscose / Polyester)One Size fits most.Made in Turkey.

Black Polka Dot Instant Hijab

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Black Instant Instant Hijab

Black Printed Instant Hijab

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