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Pink Instant Hijab

5 USD 11 USD

For busy women who don't have time to style their hijab every morning. Luckily, you have blink_of_an_eye hijab to rescue!. This instant hijab is a great product for those who are in a rush to get ready.

Hijab Type : Instant
Color : Pink
The Extra Long Shimmer Jersey Amira Hijab offers more coverage than the standard Amira Hijab. For most women, the hijab covers the chest and shoulders. The Amira hijab is easy to wear and does not require the use of any hijab pins. This is the perfect hijab for beginners, or for those on the go and need a quick hijab to slip on. The shimmer detail is perfect for occasions and matching elegant wear.  Two-piece amira hijab. Includes undercap and matching slip-on hijab. 100% jersey. Made in China. Measurements:21 inches in length, 25 inches in width 

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