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Orange Instant Hijab

11 USD

Hijabs are a popular choice of headwear for Muslim women, providing both modesty and style. However, traditionally hijab-wearing required time and effort to achieve the desired look. Luckily, instant hijabs have revolutionized the process, making it easier than ever to achieve a polished and put-together appearance.This instant hijab is a great product for those who are in a rush to get ready.

Hijab Type Instant
Color Orange
This two-piece amira hijab includes a tube under scarf that is won under the hood. The Amira hijab is easy to wear and does not require the use of any hijab pins. This is the perfect hijab for beginners, or for those on the go and need a quick hijab to slip on.  Two-piece amira hijab  Includes undercap and matching slip-on hijab 100% stretchy lycra 

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