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Multi-Color Satin Hijab

10.99 USD 22 USD

A satin hijab is a type of headscarf that is made from smooth, glossy fabric. It is often used by Muslim women as a way to cover their hair in accordance with religious beliefs.Stripe it out on your next date in this outfit. This Maxi Hijab in fabric offers maximum coverage without compromising on quality.

Pattern Striped
Hijab Type Maxi
Color Multi-color
  Our Satin Print Hijabs are maxi size and offer an exquisite alternative to the traditional, simple fabrics while still maintaining the same modesty and variety of looks you can create. Our gorgeous satin is of the highest quality and stays breathable all day with how lightweight it is. Because of how versatile the designs on our silky Satin Hijabs can be, they can be worn with any outfit for any occasion you can think of attending.    We recommend hand-washing our Satin materials in cold water and allowing them to be hung to dry. Pair a Satin Print Hijab with our magnetic or traditional pins for extra hold and prepare to take on the world with your newfound self-confidence. Polyester Maxi size L75 x W40 Hand wash cold and hang to dry