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Pink Silk Hijab

Introducing the Silk Hijab! This luxurious hijab is perfect for special occasions. Made from 100% silk, it is soft to the touch and provides a graceful look. The Silk Hijab is a must-have for any fashionable Muslim woman.The best hijab is a short wrap. This hijab style is popular because it's comfortable, easy to wear, and versatile.

Hijab Type: Short Wrap
Color: Pink
The Aker line of 'Yaz Serinligi' (Summer of Coolness) scarves is the first ever to use COOL-EX technology. COOL-EX is a special material that includes herbal ingredients, and provides a feeling of coolness when your body is hot or sweaty. That makes this the perfect summer hijab scarf!  Thin and breezy, it is exactly what you need to beat the summer heat. The combination of silk and cotton in this thin scarf allows for maximum air flow, keeping you cool. Features a rolled hem 70% Cotton, 30% Silk Approx. Size: 90 x 90cm (36 x 36in) Made in Turkey