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Mustard Viscose Hijab


Viscose Hijab is a whippersnapper fabric that's perfect for hot weather. It has the same properties as cotton, but it offers more comfort.Stay focused and extra sparkly in this beautiful outfit with , detailing. This maxi hijab is comfortable, lightweight and elegant. Look stunning in this mustard crinkled hijab.

Pattern Sequin
Hijab Type Crinkled, Basic, Maxi
Color Mustard
The Sophie Hijab is a lush and elegant scarf. It is richly textured with diagonal creases running the length of the scarf. Woven throughout the fabric are bright strands of metallic pink thread accented by fine silver sequins. The scarf is finished with a frayed hem for a more casual look. A simple and versatile addition to any outfit.   - Sequins   - Size: Length 170cm, Width 86cm   -Fabric Type: Soft Feel Linen   -Fabric Composition: Viscose Fabric   -Please note all sizes are approximate