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Green Embroidered Viscose Hijab

20 USD

Viscose fabric is a great option for those who want to wear something that has some modicum of stretch while still staying lightweight. It's also incredibly soft and comfortable, making it perfect as an everyday accessory or special occasion choice!. This green embroidered dress looks very simple yet elegant that you can even wear this dress to parties and proms.

Pattern : Embroidered
Hijab Type : Basic
Color : Green
Crafted with our modal fabric, the Modal Lace Hijab features beautiful lace edges on both sides with slight sheen. Modal is one of our highest quality fabrics. With the elegant and natural shine, these hijabs are perfect for every day casual wear or occasion wear. Modal Hijabs drape elegantly and give a natural and luxurious feel. This fabric is also breathable and sweat resistant. This lightweight modal hijab will keep you cool and comfortable!  100% Modal Lace approximately 8-9 inches on each side (20-25 cm) 28 x 73 in // 70 x 185 cm  Machine wash, line dry