Ten Functional Basic Clothing For Moms

Nadia Ahmed August 6, 2021

Mothers – be it stay at home or working moms are always on the edge, hopping from one job to the other. There is a lot to do and no time. Each day is packed with tasks and chores to be done, house to keep clean, children to be taken care of and food to be cooked – you know the drill…

In order to make life a little less complicated for working moms out there, I’ve decided to compile ten functional basic clothing items that every mom should have in her wardrobe. These items will be quick to style and comfy to wear. Take a look at the fashion suggestions below and enjoy!

The Classy-White Shirtdress

The most versatile piece of clothing that every woman must-have. A white shirt dress can be worn with any kind of pants or skirt. It’s classic and elegant, and you will never go wrong wearing a white shirt dress during almost any kind of occasion: work, shopping with the girlfriend, date night, brunch time with the family…you name it! Choose one that is made from cotton to get more comfort when wearing it all day long. For darker colors like navy blue choose fabrics such as silk or linen so you won’t feel suffocated by what you are wearing in the summer months.


The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

How could we begin without mentioning this most basic yet powerful piece of clothing?

Jeans make an appearance in almost every woman’s closet. They are super versatile and one must have a basic piece in everyone’s wardrobe that you can never go wrong with. Denim blue or black color is the most worn by many but we can’t deny how great they look when wearing light washes too. It gives a more feminine vibe than what anyone would expect from these rough-looking pants, certainly not like the one’s mom used to wear! 

Since they are such a powerful garment people tend to forget about their care: Wash your jeans using cold water instead of hot, and when drying them hang them out to get rid of those unwanted wrinkles. Preferably at home instead of leaving them in the dryer!

A Long Kimono

Wear it over a dress or tee, cardigans are always beautiful and comfortable. Because they tend to hide what is underneath them from sight (so you can’t tell if something is too see-through!) choose ones that have solid colors such as black, grey, or white. Made with cotton for more comfort these kimonos are perfect for casual days out shopping with the kids or just staying home.

A Nice Pair Of White Sneakers

Let’s face it – we all don’t walk with the same kind of effort. Some of us are walking all day long from home to go catch the train or bus, others have to run to get inside their office building or school in time while some might just want a pair that goes well with jeans and shirts!  Whatever the type of shoe you choose make sure it is comfortable and appropriate for the situation.

A Cozy Coat

A good coat will last forever and it is worth the money. Keep in mind that during winter you might want to wear a pair of thick socks, just make sure they don’t add too much bulk or length to your legs. The most important part about having a coat for moms is that it should be easy to get off if there are small hands around who will try everything to rip them off your body!

A Modest Matching Set

As a mom, I have to confess that matching sets are what I love the most when it comes to clothing. They can be used in many different ways and you will find yourself wearing them for days on end – just like any other garment! Pair them with a matching hijab and hand bag and you’re good to go. Sets are not only extremely comfortable but also very attractive, especially if they are made from natural fabrics like cotton.

A comfy pair of jogger pants

Jogger pants can be worn during a day out with the kids and even when you’re relaxing at home. They are comfortable above all, have elastic waistbands that allow a great movement of your legs while letting your skin breathe!

Black tones look elegant on everyone and are timeless especially if they are paired with sneakers. Wear joggers with black-rashed sneakers and an elegant white shirt for a smart-casual look.

A maxi dress for a special day out with the kids

Maxi dresses are perfect for hot days but many women tend to avoid them because they think they won’t look nice, too short, or just don’t know how to style them! I tell you: this is not true at all! Choose maxi dresses in neutral colours and wear them over matching leggings. My daughter and I wore ours on her second birthday to celebrate it outside in our backyard surrounded by relatives; she was running around playing while I was relaxing on a chair watching our garden grow. We were both comfortable and looking gorgeous!

An oversized sweater for a Night Out

This is one of those items that never go out of fashion and every mom must have at least one. These sweaters look especially good if they are made from cashmere or the softest wool you can find: they will keep you warm and loved during the winter season but also look just as great paired with jeans on a sunny day in Spring or Summer!  Choose darker tones if you’re going to wear them outside and lighter ones if you want them mostly for home use.

A Tote bag

Tote bags must be absolutely huge because you will use them for almost everything: from groceries to carrying your kid’s school stuff, and also diapers! I have my own totes made from recycled cotton that are both comfy and eco-friendly; I love the ones with a lot of pockets inside where I place every mother’s secret weapon – used baby wipes – next to some extra toys! Sometimes I also throw in a bottle of water and some snacks for the kids. After all, they can get hungry while we’re shopping!

Black color totes are timeless but if you want a bag that you can match with almost anything choose neutral colors like taupe, camel, khaki; or even brighter ones like yellow, pink, orange.

Now it’s your turn: what do you think of this list? Do you agree with my choices?  Which one would you add to the list? Share your thoughts and opinions about this essential mommy clothing in the comment section.