Review: The Ramadan 2019 Collection by Aab – Inspired by Al Aqsa

Nadia Ahmed April 20, 2019

Islamic heritage has an overwhelming presence across the Islamic world with its mesmerizing architectural designs. Islamic architecture has a unique style characterized by Arabic calligraphy, geometric and interlaced patterns, beautiful domes, and semi-circular arches. Over the years artists have creatively incorporated this artistry into various art forms like pottery, clothing, decoration and more, promoting and providing significance to our rich heritage. And fashion is no exception!

Aab, a UK based modest fashion brand has launched its 2019 Ramadan collection inspired by the ‘seven’ wonders of our Islamic heritage. They plan to launch their collections in seven parts, each drawing inspiration from the following heritage structures.

  1. Al-Aqsa Mosque
  2. Alhambra
  3. Blue Mosque
  4. Badshahi Mosque
  5. Great Mosque of Djenne
  6. Great Mosque of Xian
  7. The Grand Mosque.

To begin with, the first part of the collection is inspired by the Masjid Al-Aqsa. The architecture of Al Aqsa is a mix of geometric patterns, Romanesque style and Islamic art. This is strongly reflected in the designs of this collection. It also encapsulates the beautiful hues of the structure. A wide range of outfits are available to suit your style needs. Let’s check out a few pieces from this collection.

Al-Aqsa Kimono

Ketifa Kimono
Namat Kimono

Aqsa Kimono
Binya Kimono

The kimono collection includes pieces with both lighter as well as heavier embroidered on the bodice and the cuffs in light viscose fabric. It also includes printed and patterned kimono in polyester fabric.

The term Binya means lattice. As the name suggests this kimono has lattice design patterns with heavy hand embroidery and tassel detail. The Aqsa kimono has a simple cross-stitched embroidery with tassel string to fasten it. The Namat kimono has a zig-zag woven pattern using the colour palette of the exterior. The Ketifa kimono is beautifully floral printed as its name suggest.

The kimonos in the collection are designed for all kinds of occasion – the Ketifa and Namat kimono are perfect for a casual look, whereas the Aqsa and Binya are suitable for an evening look. Pair these up with the slip dress and trousers in a contrasting shade, which is available separately with this collection.

Al-Aqsa Abayas

Faience Abaya
Binya Abaya

Mamari Abaya

Every Abaya designed for this collection portrays the unique architectural pattern of the Masjid. With heavy embroidery at the bodice and cuffs, Binya abaya is the ultimate classy piece among other. The pattern on Faience Abaya is inspired from the tile work of the Masjid. The word ‘’Faience’ was the name given to the tile work by Sultan Sulaiman from the great Ottoman period. Mamari abaya has a simple bib pattern, which is also suitable for  formal occasion and the wide front slit is designed for easy mobility. Pair these up with chiffon hijabs in similar shades which is available separately in the collection.

Al-Aqsa Jumpsuits

Al-Aqsa Jumpsuit
Faience Jumpsuit

If your a girl whose style is more casual, then you can pick the jumpsuits available in light viscose fabric. These jumpsuits have a simple cross-stitch style embroidery and a relaxed fit. These pieces are versatile as it can be transitioned from a day work outfit to a evening dress just by adding a statement belt and a pair of heels.

Al-Aqsa Maxi Dress

Nujum Maxi

Handasi Maxi


The Nujum maxi dress is inspired by the starry night sky as the arabic word ‘Nujum’ means stars. Heavy embroidery on the cuffs give this maxi dress a bold look. The maxi dresses in this collection is inspired by the geometric designs in and around the Al-Aqsa. You can pair these maxi dresses with pencil trousers in contrasting shade available in the collection separately.

Al-Aqsa Kaftan:

Cross-stitch Kaftan
Mallard Green Kaftan

Get yourself decked up in a traditional style by donning on a kaftan. A kaftan has an extended sleeve which gives it a traditional look, a perfect style for Ramadan party. As the name suggest, the cross-stitch kaftan has a cross-stitch style embroidery on the sleeve and on the bottom of the outfit. Pair it up with hijab in contrasting shade.

Al-Aqsa Trousers & Slip Dresses

Al-Aqsa collection also features slip dresses and trousers in the similar shades as the entire collection. So, here are a few picks from the collection which can be mix-n-matched with the other pieces of outfit. These trousers and slip dresses are available in beautiful hues of gold, coral, plum, black, sky blue, navy blue and baby pink. These are available in luxurious silk, viscose, brocade and jacquard fabrics.

The beautiful Islamic architectural heritage has been creatively imbibed in the entire collection. It clearly reflects the rich design patterns that are iconic to the Masjid Al-Aqsa. However, I could only cover just a few designs from the entire collection here. Do check out the entire collection on the Aab Collection.

We’re eager to see the other collections in this series. Stay tuned as more collections will be coming up soon on their website and I will be reviewing them here.

Go shop these amazing dresses and stay in style!