Top 5 Indian Modest Fashion Influencers To Follow On Instagram

Nadia Ahmed August 4, 2021

Modest fashion is fast gaining popularity in India. From the celebs to Instagram stars, everyone’s loving it!! So if you’re looking for modest style inspo and some great hijab styles, we have rounded up a few of our favorite modest fashion influencers on Instagram who will make your IG feed look more stylish than ever

Hadha Ana

Hadha Ana is one of the most popular Indian modest fashion bloggers. With an eye for color and a knack for accessorizing, she’s managed to attract over 509k followers on IG, thanks to her quirky style sense! Her pictures will give you major FOMO and motivate you to try some new styles.

She beautifully experiments with colors and patterns in her style statements while still keeping them modest. And judging by her huge following, we’re sure that you’re going to be obsessed with her IG account!! Also, check out her e-commerce store Anah co!

Ramsha Sultan

The undisputed queen of hijab fashion on Instagram, Ramsha’s huge following of 288k is a testimony to her amazing sense of style. Wearing only the most stylish scarves and hijabs in various colors and prints, she always manages to look gorgeous even when covered up from head to toe!

While getting inspired to follow a modest style of clothing, she also inspires you with her Islamic Knowledge on various subjects. Ramsha also has an online store where she sells some of the most beautiful hijabs. Check out Ramsha Sultan.

Nabeeha Fakih

We love Nabeeha’s sense of style. Her unique and quirky pictures make it impossible to miss her IG account! With 72.3k followers and pictures that are oozing with style, she will make your IG feed look better than ever!

Nabeeha’s pictures are a great example of how simple styling can go a long way. She beautifully pairs her outfits with an added dose of accessories which not only benefits her outfit but also adds character to it. Her stylish hijabs are one thing we’re definitely going to try out for our next outing!

Check out Nabeeha’s Youtube channel The Urban Hijabee

Saba Ali Jafry

Saba’s beautiful pictures are a must-follow for anyone looking to try out some pretty and colorful hijabs. With 35.8k followers, her IG feed is full of stylish wear that makes it hard to pick just one favorite! We can’t help but love her selfie game!

Her pictures are definitely worth following. Showing off some of the most gorgeous hijabs we’ve ever seen, she always manages to look effortlessly stylish! Her feed is full of inspirations for anyone looking to add a bit of style and glamour to their modest outfits.

Tasmiyah Sheikh

With 29.1k followers on IG, Tasmiyah is one of the most popular modest fashion influencers in India. While still being super stylish, her outfits are also extremely comfortable!

she is a big fan of pulling off the comfy look with an added dose of glamour. Inspired by her gorgeous pictures? You should definitely follow her Instagram account!

Despite being a big fan of wearing colorful hijabs and matching them with her outfits, we also love how she makes realistic outfit choices for herself. She doesn’t shy away from experimenting with colors which make her look extremely stylish! Also, if you’re looking for some tips to help you wear colorful hijabs or just want more inspiration in general, definitely check out Tasmiyah’s Youtube channel, where she regularly posts videos on how to style your hijab and modest dresses.

Hope this list helps in making your Instagram feed more stylish and trendy! And who knows, maybe we’ll see you join one of these beautiful ladies on our list soon!!

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