Top 5 UK Based Modest Fashion Influencers

Nadia Ahmed April 26, 2022

The modest fashion scene is huge in the UK. With many modest brands and emerging influencers, the UK is one of the best places to be if you are looking for modest fashion inspiration.

Here are 5 of the most influential UK based modest fashion influencers.

Basma K

Basma K is a fashion and beauty influencer based in London, UK. Her IG feed is filled with stylish outfit inspirations in happy colors and a hint of her African background. You can also find insights from her life as a Muslim woman, how she chooses clothes that are both fashionable but also modest enough for daily use, or what it means to be “really” herself when posting pictures online. She promotes fashion without showing too much skin which leaves people wanting more! She has 414K followers who love and admire her.

Sabina Hannan

Sabina’s Instagram is a modest fashion and beauty influencer based in London, UK. You can find outfit inspirations for your next Modest Outfit day with her inspiring photos! Her youtube channel has make-up hacks that will have you looking like an angel in no time at all. So check it out today if you need some extra glamour inspiration.

Sumayyah Islam

Sumayyah Islam is a 20-something-year-old woman from Wales who has been influencing the way people dress and think about their appearance for years. Her feed features both fashion inspiration as well as personal moments like eating ice cream on lazy summer afternoons! She is known for her own unique style which often includes modest finds and layering. She has 120k followers on IG who love her girly vibes and style.

Habiba Da Silva

Habiba da silva is an influencer based in Birmingham, UK with 859k followers on Instagram. Her unique fashion style amazes her followers as they follow what she posts about from beauty tips to travel destinations and modest clothing styles! You can also find insights into Habibas life through her feed. She owns a brand that sells beautiful hijabs for all occasions-perfect.

Manal Chinutay

Manal is a London-based Modest fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer who has 323k followers on Instagram. Her feed consists of beautiful pictures with great captions; you can also find travel diaries, hijab tutorials, and beauty hacks throughout the account which are sure to inspire!

These are the top 5 modest fashion influencers in the UK that you need to follow for some major fashion inspiration! Go ahead and give them a follow!

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